Meal Selection

Keep in mind that food availability varies based on departure time and flight length: from a snack for short flights to a full meal for transcontinental or international flights. It also varies depending on the carrier selected and the regions serviced by the airline. In addition, if you’re a vegetarian and the meal you’ve requested is not available on a specific flight, the airline company will suggest you an alternative vegetarian meal as a replacement.

 Requesting help for meal selection

  1. Contact us via Live Chat.
  2. Allow us up to 1h to process your request.
  3. Receive an update regarding your request directly to your email address.
  4. If any meals were requested, confirm the arrangements with the carrier before check-in.

Important note: Unlike the special assistance requests, meal selections include a variety of variables making any meal selection more of a preference rather than a confirmed option. Any free meals selected both through the travel agency and the carrier would need to be reconfirmed before the check-in.

We highly recommend contacting the carrier to confirm your selection before the trip starts.


Still need help?

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