What’s the difference between the bundles and how to use them?

The Basic Support Bundle is included in your booking by default. If you decide not to upgrade to another package, you will have to pay a fee for the processing such requests as ticket exchange, trip cost refund, schedule change handling, and 24 hours cancellation.

When choosing the Standard Support Bundle, you get special discounts for processing exchange, refund, and handling schedule changes. The main advantage is that processing 24 hours cancellation is completely free!

The last Support Bundle called Plus gives you the possibility to request any of these procedures to be processed for free! It’s the best option to avoid unnecessary extra charges in case of unexpected booking changes.




Exchange & Refund Processing Fee




Priority Assistance

Not included



24 Hours Cancellation




To request any of the mentioned services, please get in touch with our Support team within 24 hours after the booking is completed at [email protected] or via the Contact us form.

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